Helpful Books on Divine Healing

I love to read–in fact, I’m a book-a-holic.

Here are some of the books on divine healing that I have found to be most helpful. Of course, I do not endorse everything each author says, but found each book to benefit my personal understanding about divine healing.

You can find these books on or

If you find this list helpful, check back occasionally; I will add to it as I remember other books on the subject.

1. “Divine Healing: A Comparative Study” by L. Thomas Holdcroft
2. “Power Healing” by John Wimber
3. “Healing” by Frances MacNutt
4. “The Meaning of Faith and the Sick are Healed” by Charles S. Price (available on our ministry website)
5. “Healing: Sign of the Kingdom” by Howard Ervin
6. “In Quest of Healing” by Gordon Wright
7. “The Real Faith” by Charles S. Price (this is the best book EVER penned on faith–read it and I’m sure you’ll agree!)
8. “Meet the Healer” by William Caldwell

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2 Responses to Helpful Books on Divine Healing

  1. Matt Brown says:

    Great list : ) Thanks, I’ll check them out when I get time. I’m a book-o-holic too : )

  2. Rachael Sikes says:

    Tim and Rochelle Enloe,

    9 years ago, in Omaha, NE, at Glad Tidings church, Holy Spirit filled me and God changed my life at one of your conferences

    I was 10 at the time, now I am 19 and the fire God put in me that night hasn’t died, and my passion and love for God has only grown.

    And, the crazy part is I didn’t even want to come to church that day, I was in a dark place where I believed I was beyond reproach and frequently entertained the idea of ending my life.

    It was like every word you spoke pierced through me, like you knew what was going through my mind and my heart, I was sick of religion but I thought I was beyond redemption, and then you talked about how God still loved me and how I could have relationship with Him and through His Spirit draw closer to Him and out of desperation I cried out and asked for the Holy Spirit to come fill me

    I said God I surrender
    I called out for the Holy Spirit and waited on Him, I felt arms wrap around me and an overwhelming peace I had never felt come over me (I looked around me to make sure some weirdo wasn’t hugging men and no one was there) and that night for the first time ever I heard God speak and He said, “you are worthy” at that moment I opened my mouth and spoke in a language I didn’t understand, but in that moment it was crazy because I it was like God wanted me to understand because I somehow knew I was saying my Lord my Savior over and over I repeated I love you my Lord my Savior (and Lol prior to that night I used to be the sceptic that thought speaking tongues was make believe and I even doubted healing in modern day, I even began to let doubt creep in as far as if God existed but something in me said He did, what else could you expect from someone who didn’t take the time to open the word and read what He says without being told “turn to” or ” memorize for candy” I was ignorant to His love and grace, I knew John 3:16 but I didn’t comprehend what it meant, that it meant God had, has, and always will have AGAPE LOVE for me)

    So, I want to thank you for your ministry, because God used you to reach me. 🙂

    I have a heart for missions and ministry, I want to tell the whole world of God’s amazing GRACE and AGAPE LOVE and His will for their life instead of this worlds empty “fulfillment”

    I have had this desire and passion for God and the desire for missions and ministry telling the world about Jesus since 10 when God laid it on my heart, and I’ve been pursuing Him ever since 9+ years praying and trusting in His will for my life

    I have had faults, like anyone, but my heart and desire for God hasn’t changed, and I know my mission is to share the AGAPE love He shared with me

    Thank you for allowing God to use you; I wanted to let you know, I am a life that was changed because of your obedience.

    (I apologize for all grammar issues here, I tend to forget punctuation when I start to pour out my heart.)

    God bless you

    I pray for your ministry still, God’s hands are all over you two, don’t give up

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