“Helping Others Receive the Gift” book

A unique resource about ministering the Spirit baptism to different age groups and in different contexts.

This compilation book is suited for small group leaders, Sunday school teachers, ministers and ministry studentswho desire to become more effective in ministering the Spirit baptism to others.

Contributors include: Tim Enloe, Randy Hurst, Ken Cramer, Gary Grogan, Scott Erickson, Bill Juoni, Randy Valimont, Dick Gruber, Jim Gerhold, Allen Griffin, Nate Ruch, Dr. Gordon Anderson and Dr. Del Tarr.

157 pages.

Back cover reads:

"Helping Others Receive the Gift is a unique and unprecedented resource written by authors with many years of study in God's Word and practical ministry experience.  Each is passionate about seeing people experience the Spirit's fullness, and their insights will help readers be more effective in leading others to receive this promise."

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