Tim & Rochelle Enloe

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About Tim & Rochelle Enloe…

Since 1993, Tim and Rochelle Enloe have traveled in full-time teaching ministry–with a special emphasis on the Holy Spirit. God has gifted them to present the ministry of the Holy Spirit in a simple, accessible manner.

They are communicators, authors, vocalists and song writers–but enjoy their role as parents most of all.  The Enloe’s have three sons: Braedon, Dolan and Barret.

Rochelle was raised in an Assemblies of God pastor’s home.  Her parents, Jonathan and Arlene Hollis, are long-term pastors in Wichita, KS. Having been called into and involved in ministry since she was a child, Rochelle possesses a pastor’s heart perspective and a love for the local church as well as a unique gifting to communicate, sing and write songs.   She is a graduate of Central Bible College in Springfield, MO.

Tim was also raised in a ministry home; his parents, Neil and Ruth Enloe, have been involved with the singing group The Couriers since 1957.  Tim was called to teach about the Holy Spirit when he was fourteen years old.  He is a graduate of Central Bible College and is ordained with the Assemblies of God. Tim has written several books, is a frequent contributor to magazines, written many songs and loves hanging out with his three sons!

Since family is such a high priority to the Enloe’s, they always strive to travel together as a team.

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