Holy Spirit Conferences

About Holy Spirit Conference Events… 

Tim and Rochelle’s calling is to the role of the teacher and their greatest area of passion is the person and work of the Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit Conference events are the Enloes’ main expression of ministry, and they usually hold fifty conferences throughout the year in local churches and regional settings.

Our Holy Spirit Conferences consist of  three evening sessions/ services and one Sunday morning session/service. The two formats run Sunday-Tuesday or Friday-Sunday.



The Enloe’s bring a non-mystical, practical approach to the Holy Spirit, His power and giftings.  They desire to have a long-term impact in people’s lives by de-mystifying the Spirit’s work and by removing common fears and misconceptions.  Tim and Rochelle endeavor to enable people into biblically supernatural ministry through the Holy Spirit’s power.


The Conference events help believers go from UNDERSTANDING to EXPERIENCING and on to MINISTERING the power of the Holy Spirit.

1. UNDERSTANDING:  Specific and consistent attention is given to teaching on Spirit Baptism, its biblical basis and purpose as well as how to receive this amazing gift.  Many other topics are also addressed within the realms of person and work of the Holy Spirit, healing, spiritual gifts, supernatural ministry, etc.

2. EXPERIENCING: We believe that Jesus wants people to experience Him, specifically His Salvation, Spirit Baptism and Divine Healing.  Large numbers of believers experience Spirit Baptism–along with its confirming sign of speaking in a supernatural language and often remarkable physical healings occur.

3. MINISTERING:  It is not enough to just be filled with the Holy Spirit, there MUST be a ministry outlet.  As people grow in their understanding and experience, the “spookiness” and mysticism that they may feel about the Holy Spirit is replaced with hunger and confidence. Their fears and apprehensions are usually based on faulty pre-conceived notions about the Spirit and how He works.  Opportunity is given for people to learn how to minister one-on one with remarkable, supernatural results!


A Conference event occurs over a three-day period (four distinct sessions) in local churches or city auditoriums. Individual church and multi-church/city-wide gatherings are welcomed. Schedules include:

1. Sunday morning and evening, Monday evening and Tuesday evening

2. Friday evening, Saturday evening and Sunday morning and evening


Each of the four distinct sessions usually follow this order:

1. Beginning with a few minutes of worship by the local team,

2. Intro of Tim and Rochelle,

3. Teaching from the Word,  then

4. Unhurried prayer times that are marked by people being touched with the Holy Spirit’s power.



It is typical to begin a Sunday-Tuesday Conference with a session on the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. Usually 90-100% of those seeking receive. Special attention is given to those who struggle and to those who do not receive. Many who have sought the Baptism for decades receive easily as Christ fills them. We believe that God literally “can’t wait” to fill His children!

The next two sessions usually focus on understanding the empowering work of the Spirit (the anointing, spiritual gifts, etc.) or on the deeper work of the Spirit to transform our character (consecration, holiness, etc.).

The final session is almost always a healing service with a how-to-minister approach. What is so different about this service is that the people are the ministers!  Powerful miracles take place as people pray for each other with a new faith-confidence that God is anxious to confirm His Word through them! We consistently see people healed of all sorts of ailments such as blind eyes, deaf ears, paralysis, barrenness, diabetes, arthritis, broken bones and pain–to name a few.
(Please go to the “For Pastors” page for specific recommendations from church leaders.)

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