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Below are some comments from pastors and leaders about our ministry.

Each time the Enloe’s have been with us, scores of people have experienced the Acts 2:4 baptism in the Holy Spirit.    But these precious scenes around the altar have not been accompanied by pounding drums, screaming guitars, or hyper-active altar workers.    No, they have all been filled with an atmosphere of holy worship and adoration to God, out of which comes the miracle of the Spirit’s infilling.

Evangelist Enloe is a knowledgable student of the Holy Spirit.  Yet he provides that knowledge to the people in a gentle, kind, quiet, often humorous, and incredibly-productive manner.

He is a welcome guest in our church anytime he is available.    His ministry, saturated by the presence of the Lord, produces lasting results!

Rev. Dan Betzer

First Assembly of God

Ft. Myers, Florida

The Enloe’s recent Holy Spirit Conference at Fargo First Assembly was everything a pastor could have hoped for.

Tim offered anointed, practical, biblically sound messages that motivated people to wholeheartedly seek God.  Spiritual gifts operated through Tim, and many received the baptism in the Holy Spirit.  I enthusiastically recommend the Enloe’s ministry to those seeking a fresh move of God’s Spirit.

Dr. Bob Ona 
Fargo First Assembly
Fargo, North Dakota

“I highly recommend Tim and Rochelle Enloe for anyone who would like to have an emphasis on the Holy Spirit. We have had them at North Central University on four separate occasions for ministry in our chapel program and with a faculty seminar.

Tim has outstanding sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, a great wealth of information regarding revival and Pentecostal history and theology. Most importantly, he is very effective in the pulpit and in the altar in leading people into the baptism of the Holy Spirit.”

Gordon Anderson, Ph.D., President
North Central University
Minneapolis, MN

We received anointed ministry from the Enloe family.

Tim’s teaching on the Holy Spirit is the best I have heard.

His explanation of tongues as the confirming sign of receiving this Holy Spirit Baptism is right on and is so easy for the seeker to grasp and then receive.

There were wonderful and sweet times spent at the altar that were so refreshing.

Rev. Ron Traub

First Assembly of God

Sioux Falls, SD

God has uniquely gifted Tim and Rochelle to take the dynamics of the work of the Holy Spirit and make them applicable to this generation, particularly college students. 

The Enloe’s message and style is desperately needed with this generation.

Don Meyer, Ph.D., President

Valley Forge Christian College

Phoenixville, PA

Tim and Rochelle have helped to frame in the peoples lives what it means to minister under the power of the Holy Spirit. They set a wonderful down to earth example of what ‘normal ministry’ in the Spirit can look like.

Not only does our church look forward to their ministry with us, they talk about what they learned and experienced long after the Enloes are gone. I continue to hear our congregation referring to powerful and practical insight from Tim’s messages throughout the year. I highly recommend them.

Rev. Ken Cramer
Lighthouse Worship Center
Gloucester, VA

Tim Enloe brings a great perspective on the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and Divine Healing. Our people loved him and we will schedule him again! He was perfect for our college town. Easy to work with, fun and he gets results.

Rev. Gary Grogan
Urbana Assembly
Urbana, IL

After many years of having Tim and Rochelle recommended to me, I can hardly say how glad I am I finally made the connection! In my twelve years of pastoring here at RMCC, we had one of our greatest moves of God’s Spirit. One faithful lady of Nazarene background had basically ‘given up’ on receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the initial evidence of tongues. She was beautifully filled on Sunday morning. Another couple who just came out of Mormonism were both filled with the Spirit – and each at separate times, and in their home over that weekend!

More than anything, I appreciate the spirit in which Tim and Rochelle minister God’s truth in this wonderful area of Jesus’ ministry to His church. Words like: fresh, anointed, balanced and relaxed come to mind. Our congregation drank in the weekend and look forward to Tim and Rochelle’s return.

Rev. Jeff Peterson
Red Mountain Christian Center
Mesa, Arizona

“The results of our weekend Conference on the Holy Spirit were great. We have at least three documented healings, including a lady who was unable to breathe without the use of inhalants on a regular basis. She has now gone three weeks without any need for breathing assistance. She is able to sing for the first time in several years.

In addition to the miracles of healing, at least ten people have received the Holy Spirit. The number who needed refilling and received is over fifty. There has been a mark of tremendous blessing and the fervor of the Spirit continuing to operate. We have seen God continue to minister and fill people with the Holy Spirit.

Rev. Samuel Henning
Abundant Life Christian Center
Alton, Illinois

The Enloe’s ministry is Biblical and balanced. Solid presentation of the Word of God lays the foundation for the ministry of the Holy Spirit during the altar times. During our summer revival over 30 people were saved, dozens received the baptism in the Holy Spirit, and several were healed. It was truly a time of refreshing.

Rev. Terry Wiles
Crossroads Community Cathedral
East Hartford, Connecticut

There has been no one who has related to the needs and diversity of our congregation like Tim and Rochelle. Their lack of pretense and dependency on the Lord shows through in every aspect of their ministry. The ministry in music and the Word are of the highest quality and evidence prayerful preparation.

Dr. Duane Durst
Former Pastor of Bellrose Assembly of God,
New York (Queens), New York
Superintendent NY District
Syracuse, NY

Tim and Rochelle are more than dear friends to me. They are highly talented evangelists and singers whose lives are totally dedicated to the work of God. I recommend them without reservation to every pastor who is looking for a dynamic and exceptional presentation of the Word of God.

Dr. Paul E. Lowenberg
Former Executive Presbyter
Springfield, Missouri

The ministry of Tim and Rochelle Enloe is bringing a spiritual reawakening that is transforming lives into the image of Christ. I highly recommend them to our churches.

Rev. Philip Bongiorno
Penn-Del District Superintendent Emeritus
Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

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