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Below are answers to the most frequently asked scheduling questions:

A. Scheduling

Our scheduling process is based upon two main factors: availability and location.

About 9 months per year Tim and Rochelle travel in a bus on a tour circuit. During the fall and spring, we are usually on either the East or West coasts on extended tours. Because we are driving, the order of the locations need to make tactical sense–so that we are not driving from San Diego, CA to Seattle, WA for our next conference.

Approximately 3 months of the year, Tim and Rochelle fly to dates that are not in the typical tour paths.

If a specific date is open, then we must look to see if we are already scheduled to be in your region (via driving our bus) or determine if you are willing to incur the expense of flying us to your event.

B. How Far Ahead?

We are so thankful to God for His blessing upon and patience with our ministry.

Currently, our schedule runs between 1-2 years in advance. However, there are always cancellations that arise because of church leadership or schedule changes.

If your schedule is flexible, the fastest way to connect for a Holy Spirit Conference is to be willing to consider a cancellation date as it may arise. You can check the box below to indicate this.

C. Finances

For 30 years, we have traveled to churches of all sizes on the basis of a separate love offering received in each service plus travel expense (mileage if we drive, or, flight plus lodging if we fly).

Though we certainly operate on a budget, we have always found that if a church will receive a separate love offering and agree to pay our travel, our financial needs are always met–regardless of church size.

Many churches no longer receive love offerings, and choose instead to meet our conference budget. That is the option of the host church/organization. If you would like to know our average budget, just ask.

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