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Teaching Audio

MP3- Understanding and Receiving Spirit Baptism by Tim Enloe

Video & Television

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Dr. George Wood Interviews Tim on AGTV

 This interview deals with the analytical mind and the ways of the Spirit.


Tim Enloe on Hope Alive

This interview deals with how praying in the Spirit elevates our spirit above our flesh.

“Understanding and Receiving the Baptism in the Holy Spirit”

A simple teaching on what the Baptism in the Holy Spirit is and how to receive it right now!

Tim telling his story to Sid Roth on “It’s Supernatural” 

(This television broadcast is owned by Messianic Vision and is used by permission.  Please visit their website for further information at

Tim speaks about the future of Pentecost on AGTV

 This video is from the Assemblies of God’s “Make Your Mark” web conference.

Steve Pike of Church Multiplication Network Interviews Tim

 This interview deals with pastors and church planters integrating and nuturing the Holy Spirit’s giftings in their churches.


Conversation with Dr. Steven Tourville 

This discussion aims to give practical helps to Pastors and churches regarding giving more place to the Holy Spirit in worship services.

Worship Music

MP3-  Humble Myself  (from “Humble Myself “)

MP3-  Everything I Have  (from “Worship in Spirit”)

Radio Interviews

Sid Roth interviews Tim on the “Messianic Vision” radio broadcast (Windows Media)

Sid Roth Interview Monday

Sid Roth Interview Tuesday

Sid Roth Interivew Wednesday

Sid Roth Interview Thursday

Sid Roth Interview Friday

These radio broadcasts are owned by Messianic Vision and are used by permission.

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PDF Articles

“Jesus, the Anointed One: Our Model for Ministry”

“Initial Evidence”

“Teaching on Spirit Baptism”

“Power” by William A. Caldwell

Non-English Articles


Aplicaciones practicas de la neumatologia del Antiguo Testamento


Jesus der Gesalbte: Unser Beispiel im übernatürlichen Dienst


Jesus, o Ungido: Nosso Exemplo para um Ministério Sobrenatural


Jézus, a Felkent: példánk a természetfeletti szolgálatra


Ježíš, ten Pomazaný: Náš vzor pro službu v nadpr?irozené moci


Isus UNsUL LUi DUmNEzEU: Exemplul nostru de lucrare supranaturala



Isus, Pomazanik: Na! uzor za nadnaravnu sluzbu