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  1. Del Critchley says:


    I so appreciated your time at Calvary this last weekend. The truths of the Holy Spirit are awesome! You fill a great place in the body of Christ.

    If you have a mailing list, please put me on.

    Thank you, Del Critchley

  2. admin says:

    Thanks, Del, for your kind words and prayers. We love your church!

  3. Thank you for praying with my husband, Robert Van Houdt, on the phone at Lighthouse Worship Center, Gloucester, VA 23061 while at the Holy Spirit Conference. I will never forget that moment. My husband passed away on Wednesday, June 6, 2012 at 11PM. I will be forever grateful! ~ Joy

  4. greg scalf says:

    thank you and your family for coming to ft. myers and so deeply touching my wife and me in the spirit of the lord. we did not yet receive the baptism in the holy spirit but you moved our spiritual journey so much further ahead of where it was. what a true divine inspiration you and your whole family are to my wife and me. i look forward to worshipping with you again.

  5. Thank you for coming to Sandhills Assembly. May God bless your ministry and your wonderful family.

    Chris Randolph

  6. Hi Tim and Rochelle,

    I very much enjoyed the service last night at Bethel Assembly in Spartanburg. You are a beautiful family with a powerful message and ministry. Thank you for devoting yourselves to taking this message of the Holy Spirit and healing to those who so desperately need it!

    Terry Roberts

  7. Tim Broadhead says:

    Tim & Rochelle,
    Great experience being at Bethel Assembly of God Holy Spirit conference. Relevant and needed in today’s church! God Bless.

  8. It’s Larry (hiLARRYous) your favorite protection officer at Emmanuel Christian Center. Just wanted to let you know that we were thinking of you guys. Hope you had a joyful and blessed holiday season.

    We hope you will come back sometime soon and visit. May the Lord bless your path, your travel and anoint every encounter you come upon.

    Blessings guys.
    Larry Johnson
    Watchmen Ministries

  9. Zanderz Davis says:

    Have a great day, weekend, month, and year! See you next time(if you come anywhere near Overland Park, kansas)!!!!

  10. Maryanna Wazny says:

    Hey Enloes:

    This is Maryanna Wazny, from Spartanburg SC. You all came the beg. of Nov. to Bethel Assembly and did a Holy spirit conference. Tremendous time for my husband and I!

    Must be honest, haven’t prayed for you all much after you came and shared, HOWEVER, my husband picked up a prayer card and I found it in a drawer and THIS AM I was very burdened to pray and intercede for your family.

    Hope you all are doing well and cont. to be safe and blessed1

    The Wazny’s

  11. Beth Schroeder says:

    Tim, I am from Raleigh First Assembly. I so enjoyed your teaching this weekend. Though I have been a Christian, born again, and blessed by the Holy Spirit for many years, I still struggle mightly, especially with depression and physical illness. No amount of praying for healing or miracles has ever provided any fruit for me. So be it. You lifted me out of the dark place I was in and taught me so much about the gifts and God’s often mysterious ways. I was reminded again that I am never alone no matter how alone I am physically. I took courage and posted on my FB page about your teaching and have directed people here. I needed real teaching about the gifts of the Holy Spirit with out a bunch of “signs and wonders” and people being slain in the spirit. God doesn’t have to work that way. It will drive some people away, and leave others unsure and questioning if it is all real. Thank you for good, solid, clear teaching! Blessings to you and your family!

  12. Michelle Bosserman says:

    Hey Tim, this is michelle you know me from the church you grew up in. How is everyone doing? I’m ok. you came home last yr and you blessed me with two cd’s. The lady i live with really enjoys them. I also enjoy them our fav though is Worship in Spirit. Her birthday is coming and I would like to buy her a copy. You bless so many people and it is such an encouragement to many of us and we are among them. May God continue to Bless and keep you and your family

  13. Tim and Rochelle I can’t wait to meet you ,when you come to Windsor . Park wood gospel temple will be so blessed to have you both. I thank god for the gifts he’s poured out to me 30 years ago. I have never stopped praying in the holy spirit . I will be praying for you both and for god to pour out his blessing on my brothers and sisters in the lord. The web site is my friend Melissa’s ,but we both work together to help others in healing and forgiveness. Many blessing to you. God bless

  14. Don Grover says:

    June 7, 2013
    10:44 AM


    Thanks for sharing at Lakeview Church last weekend.

    I have been a Christian since 1976 and in all that time your teachings on the Holy Spirit were the most balanced approach I’ve ever heard.

    I also appreciate your teaching on “planting, watering, and harvesting”. I hadn’t been reminded of 1 Corinthians 3:7-9 for a while. I think I’ve been sort of paralyzed by thinking I had to do the ‘entire project’ instead of realizing that I only need to do my part.

    I’ve been a Systems Analyst for years, but you reminded me that I don’t need to analyze ever situation before proceeding. I need to lean wholly on the Holy Spirit to guide me.

    I appreciate your style of teaching and I hope you can return again soon.


    Don Grover
    “The guy with gray hair who played the acoustic guitar in the Lakeview band”

  15. Kathryn says:

    Will you ever come to Atlanta, Georgia. Would enjoy hearing you speak in person….I am one of those quite people in a Worship setting. Anyway, thanks for your ministry. God Bless. Thanks for the humor and the reflective comments.

  16. Carol West says:


    Surprise! This is your favorite babysitter! Or so I’m told by your folks. And have no fear: your secrets are safe with me!

    Still playing in two different keys and singing in a third. Still as annoying as ever!

    Seriously, so glad to see how God is blessing you and Rochelle and the family. Will look forward to connecting with you all on your next trip to Pa.

    Take care. Keep encouraged. God is enough.

    Carol West

  17. Abel Perez says:

    My wife and I are Lead Pastors in the Southern Missouri District A/G. We recently attended the Recalibrate Conf. hosted by James River and it was the most powerful conference we have ever attended in a long time. We so appreciated the wealth of Godly wisdom shared by your speakers along with the sensitivity of letting the Holy Spirit direct the conference as needed, especially during the altar ministry times. Thank you to the two sponsors for letting the need be known. Our church will definitely consider getting involved with one or both of their endeavors. I hope more such conferences are being planned in the near future. Our Fellowship could use more of these types of conferences. God bless you, Abel & Becky Perez

  18. Darryl Weatherly says:

    Tim, hope all is well with you and Rochelle. I know God is using you in a mighty way in your anointed ministry. Sharon and I watch the Recalibrate Conference on our iPads , wow what a powerful conference. We love you two and may the Lord bless you in a mighty way..

    Thanks for your help !


  19. Rulon Combs says:

    Brother Tim,

    Blessings on you and yours. Rulon Combs – Living Faith Assembly – Cottage Grove, OR.

  20. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for your ministry at Lakewood Park Bible camp. I was truly encouraged by your ministry. Thank you for your service and obedience to the Lord.

  21. David Hensley says:

    Tim, appreciated your Holy Spirit Conference at Carbondale Assembly….I talked to you after the service on 08/26 relating my Disciples of Christ/Baptist background and my speaking in tonges in my sleep…and verification by the spirit….and my not feeling all that anointed…(Satan trying to discourage me)….your teaching/counsel was good…BUT on the way out of the sanctuary a person who has been attending our nursing home services said she had been meaning to tell me how anointed my devotionals were…Talk about God’s timing……

  22. Mark Gellner says:

    Appreciated your ministry at Braeside Camp recently! Your teaching was phenominal! I purchased the book ‘Want More’ for personal study and for teaching the adult Bible study in our church. If there’s a work sheet available could you please forward it to my email address. Thanks so much! Blessings Mark

  23. Laura Brown says:

    Hi! We’ve never had the privilege of attending one of your conferences, but found your website. Wondering when your 2015 schedule will be out. We would love to go sometime. Thank you.

  24. Cheston Barkell says:

    Dear Rev. Enloe,
    My name is Cheston and I am a fellow A.G. minister. I hurt my back at work yesterday and I know from CBC that you move in the gifts of the spirit. Please pray for my lower left back to heal. Thanks for your time.
    Anything else the spirit may reveal to you about us feel free to email us.
    Rev. Cheston Barkell

  25. Pat Farrer says:

    Hi Tim & Rochelle:
    Looking forward to seeing you again at Parkwood .. I met you two years ago when you were with us.. I’ve been praying for you everyday like I promise I would.. Have a great week see you on Sunday ..

  26. Pat Farrer says:

    Hi Tim & Rochelle
    Looking forward to you being at Parkwood on Sunday . .I met you two years ago when you were there.. I’ve been praying for you everyday like I promised .. See you on Sunday.

  27. Jan Clarkson says:

    Bill and I are back at CCC Midland for the summer, while he is on break from Univ of Valley Forge. Heard you led a rich spiritual emphasis weekend in Midland in May. Wish we had been in town.

    During worship on Sunday 6/14/15, the Holy Spirit put a strong burden on me to pray for both of you and specifically for a powerful healing anointing to be released in your ministry that morning.

    We thank the Lord for both of you and your ministry which honors the Holy Spirit as you introduce people to the fullness of who HE is. May His anointing and favor increase and expand through your family.

  28. Linda Smith says:

    Hi, Tim and Rochelle, I met and sat under your ministry two different times at Red Mtn Christian Center, Mesa, AZ with Pastor Jeff & Carla Peterson. I have a question for you, do you have available an accompaniment track for your music, in particular the Trust song. If so, please let me know what I can do to obtain. Thank you. Do you have Arizona as a destination in the future?…Linda

    • admin says:

      Hi Linda. We sent you an email regarding your request. We will be in Phoenix on November 11–hope to see you!

  29. Linda Hundley says:

    Hey Tim & Rochelle, Loved your message @CLA recently. I always do. You have a unique way of presenting the word & explaining the Holy Spirit. Love ya, Linda

  30. LaQuita Brown says:

    Tim, and Rochelle:
    Praise our living Jahovah!!! For He has, will, and is the only True God that gracefully works through the supernatural for us all. I give thanks to the Holy Spirit of God in you for the witnessing, and knowledge you inparted, and that all who wanted could glean from it the Fathers wisdom to be renewed in mind for their future relationship with him. My son and daughter came to hear you Tuesday night. To God be all the glory!!! I just wanted to say Thank you, for chasing after OUR SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. May the Lord bless and keep you both through divers temptations firery darts, sickness and health His perfect joy, and the enemy in Jesus Holy Name Amen.

  31. Tarebiye Pela says:

    Hello Tim and Roechelle, you were both recently in Jackson. Praying for God’s hand to be mighty on you all and your team as you serve Him in Tanzania.

  32. Larry Lipps says:

    Thanks for ministering to us. May God bless your efforts.

    You may also have a great hour with God at

  33. Antonio Quezada says:

    Hello Enloe family,
    I am very thankful for being able to reconnect my connection with Jesus through you guys. I did not experience physical healing, but the spiritual healing is even better. Can’t wait for the next time that you guys are in town.

  34. Bro. Tim, I knew it all along! House cats are demons!

    Thank you!

    (MStar – Pottsville, PA)

  35. Nijel Feister says:

    I have a praise report. Last year you came to CLA and in the night service I came forward to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I did not and before I left I prayed that God would help me not be discouraged or give up, but after awhile I did give up. Just yesterday while worshiping in my home while the kids were taking naps, the words came out of my mouth asking our Lord to “awaken the church.” As soon as I said that I could feel the Holy Spirit taking over, and remembering your teachings I didn’t resist the strange sounds. I finally have been baptized in the Holy Spirit. Then, I felt God telling me the words, “not by works”. I realized that before, I had fasted, prayed, went to your service, tried everything. But, it’s a gift not achieved by works as Ephesians 2:9 says. The experience I had with you on that night in Camp Hill at CLA and your book prepared me for that moment and I thank you.

    • admin says:

      What an awesome testimony! Thanks for letting us know–we are rejoicing with you!


  36. Sarah Pope says:

    Bro. Tim,
    You were recently at Orchard Assembly of God and a 10 year old boy named Ethan was seeking the baptism in the Holy Spirit. He was filled this morning at home with me! He wanted me to contact you and let you know because you prayed for him at the alter. I was also healed on the last day! Praise God! Thank God for your ministry.

    • admin says:

      Hi Sarah. Thanks so much for letting us know! That is wonderful! Please tell Ethan “hello” for us!

  37. Bill Partridge says:

    Brother Tim, I attend Abundant Life Church in Newburgh ,Indiana. I was the big guy who was a retired state trooper. I came forward that night and you prayed for me to receive the power of the Holy Spirit. I did receive a trickle as you put it and after the service you told me to continue praying for God to open the valve wide open. Since your trip to Abundant life I had not received a answer to my prayer and quite honestly had become a little discouraged and impatient. This morning I was praying for God to empower me with the words to say as I was going to the hospital and pray for a lost family member before surgery. I asked for God to give me the words that would touch their heart and plant the seeds of salvation. I felt the power of the Lord surround me and all of a sudden I started praying in a beautiful very new language.
    The utterances came so strong and rapid I am amazed I could breathe. The time flew and it just continued to get stronger . It was amazing I was totally drained and joyful. I just wanted to share my story with you and to thank you for allowing God to use you and for your Ministry. I pray for you every night and will always remember your words of encouragement.

  38. john lewis says:

    Tim thank you so much for your Sunday service at Morningstar Fellowship. Two of my friends were instantly healed. Thank you again Tim for praying!
    Sincerly John Lewis.
    Bless you we will pray for you

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