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Thanksgiving, Earthquakes and Emotional Breakdowns

Yesterday I was reflecting about the meaning of being thankful. My mind went to the usual–and accurate–places; I am thankful to God, for my family, friends, etc. However, the more deeply I thought about it, a vivid memory surfaced–one that … Continue reading

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19 Years Ago…

Nineteen years ago this May, Rochelle and I graduated from Central Bible College in Springfield, MO.  We did not know exactly what God had for us except that we were called to teach on the Holy Spirit in itinerant ministry. … Continue reading

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Pentecostalism is NOT the same thing as the Word of Faith Movement

I am generally opposed to negative posts, but a constantly arising issue needs to be addressed: what Pentecostalism is NOT. Pentecostals are having a bit of an identity crisis because of decades of Christian media influence and a general lack … Continue reading

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21st Century Pentecostalism: Bland Burgers with No Secret Sauce? PART TWO

Have you ever seen a devotional book that has only a snippet of scripture for each day along with several paragraphs (or pages) of the author’s thoughts and reflections?  Devotional books are a helpful, practical tool to consistently assimilate the … Continue reading

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What do YOU think about the Lakeland, Florida Healing Revival?

Now lasting over 50 consecutive days, Lakeland, Florida is once again the topic of both the revival hungry and the skeptic–and everyone in between. With what began as a five day meeting with Canadian Evangelist, Todd Bentley, Auburn, FL’s Ignited … Continue reading

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For Pastors: Leadership of Public Vocal Gifts

This post is for those in Pastoral leadership or for those who lead a small group or Bible study. These are comments to get your thinking processes going about the administration of public Spiritual gifts. Let me know what you … Continue reading

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Another New Book…

It is no secret that the late Dr. Charles S. Price has significantly influenced my life. He had one of the most renowned Pentecostal healing ministries of his day, and yet possessed a rock solid understanding of God’s Word and … Continue reading

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New Book Available Soon!

“Helping Others Receive the Gift” is a book geared for ministers, small group leaders and ministry students. It is a practical resource about ministering the Spirit Baptism in a variety of contexts. I just got word that it is going … Continue reading

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Facilitating the Holy Spirit’s Moving: Holy Bingo?

I used to think that great moves of the Holy Spirit were, while most desirable, rare and enigmatic. Perhaps God had a bingo cage in heaven where each numbered ball corresponded to a specific church; if you had any spiritual … Continue reading

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