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It is no secret that the late Dr. Charles S. Price has significantly influenced my life. He had one of the most renowned Pentecostal healing ministries of his day, and yet possessed a rock solid understanding of God’s Word and dependence on the Holy Spirit.

His clear teaching on the subject of faith has opened new worlds to me. He gracefully and kindly taught against the faith formula of the Word of Faith Movement (such as “positive confession”), yet his message was anything but negative; in fact, his writing is some of the most faith inspiring material you will ever read.

Several years ago, my dear friend John Carver Jr. and I released two of Dr. Price’s books in one volume, The Meaning of Faith & The Sick are Healed. Destiny Image published this collection for us and it is still available on our website or at your local Christian bookstore.

Now our ministry is re-releasing what I believe to be Dr. Price’s greatest book, The Real Faith along with a mini-biography on his life (by yours truly). I honestly believe that this is the greatest book ever penned on the subject of faith and I know it will deeply affect your life.

Click here to find out more information or to order your copy.

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