Helpful Books on Divine Healing

I love to read–in fact, I’m a book-a-holic.

Here are some of the books on divine healing that I have found to be most helpful. Of course, I do not endorse everything each author says, but found each book to benefit my personal understanding about divine healing.

You can find these books on or

If you find this list helpful, check back occasionally; I will add to it as I remember other books on the subject.

1. “Divine Healing: A Comparative Study” by L. Thomas Holdcroft
2. “Power Healing” by John Wimber
3. “Healing” by Frances MacNutt
4. “The Meaning of Faith and the Sick are Healed” by Charles S. Price (available on our ministry website)
5. “Healing: Sign of the Kingdom” by Howard Ervin
6. “In Quest of Healing” by Gordon Wright
7. “The Real Faith” by Charles S. Price (this is the best book EVER penned on faith–read it and I’m sure you’ll agree!)
8. “Meet the Healer” by William Caldwell

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