One of the most encouraging and empowering books I’ve read in a long time is Matt Brown’s Revolutionaries:Men and Women in Every Century Who Advanced Christianity.

Revolutionaries surveys over 40 men and women–from the first century until modern times–who laid down everything to spread the fame of Jesus. Designed to stir passion as well as to make history come alive, Brown does a remarkable job at framing how eternal significance is measured: through sacrifice and obedience. Each chapter is concluded with a strong, practical point of action that will challenge the reader to surrender more to the Lord.
Of particular interest to this blog’s readers will be his inspiring chapters on two notable 20th century Pentecostals–Aimee Semple McPherson and Smith Wigglesworth.
Pastors could very easily use this book for small groups and youth/young adults will find it fast moving and interesting. Quantity discounts are available.
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