Teaching Helps on Spirit Baptism as a Separate Event After Salvation

Here is the latest installment in our series of articles in the Enrichment Journal: http://enrichmentjournal.ag.org/201002/201002_119_HS_Separate.cfm

This article deals with some practical teaching helps to frame Spirit Baptism as a post-conversion anointing experience.

Please take in the EXCELLENT article by Dr. Edgar Lee in the same issue; he is regarded among the top Pneumatologists in modern Pentecost and it is an true honor to have my little article appear next to his! You can read his work here: http://enrichmentjournal.ag.org/201002/201002_112_Bapt_Holy_Spirt.cfm

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One Response to Teaching Helps on Spirit Baptism as a Separate Event After Salvation

  1. Stella North says:

    Thank you, Tim for the wonderful message you gave us today @ Grand Rapids First. It was the clearest, most easy to understand teaching that I have heard on the topic. The donut analogy was wonderful. My teenage grandkids were watching @ their home. I felt led to head over to the neighborhood’s best bakery & purchase sweets as a solid example of that illustration. My hope is that it will add to their understanding of this wonderful gift God has given to enable us for our part in His kingdom. My prayer is that God will cause the “chocolate” He coated me with to rub off on all the other “donuts” my life comes in contact with. Blessings!

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