Aftertaste: The Lakeland Healing Revival

In my two previous posts on Lakeland and Todd Bentley, I encouraged prayer for the leadership there–particularly Bentley.  I want to continue that call and add another subject to that prayer list: disillusioned people.

Since the apparent fizzling of the media attention and the troubling announcement that Bentley and his wife are separating, there are a whole host of people asking the age-old question, “how could God use someone who didn’t have it all together?”  
The answer is, of course, simple; God only uses imperfect people.  This does not excuse doctrinal error, immorality or lack ethics or compassion; it is simply a fact.  Everyone who has ever been used in a divine way is flawed–except Jesus, of course.
I used to be a harsh critic until realizing that I could not live up to my own standards of perfection.  I chose to become a realist after this revelation.  That guards me from holding people in too high regard while insuring that God gets the glory for His good work in and through us.  
From the beginning of the Lakeland movement I’ve tried to focus on the positive.  I will still choose to do so because there are already enough places to read about the bad.  I certainly did not ever endorse Bentley’s brand of “Neo-Latter Rain” theology or shock value tactics, but I refuse to kick someone while they are down.  Like it or not, God used Todd Bentley in Lakeland and there is fruit.  
Bentley’s family is in a crisis right now and we need to earnestly pray for them. If you were an avid supporter, please do not let your disappointment keep you from praying for restoration. If you were an outspoken critic, please demonstrate your Christlikeness by holding up a weak brother in prayer.
Let’s be part of God’s healing process in Todd Bentley’s family by adding him to our prayer lists and humbly recognize that we too are carrying treasure in earthen vessels.
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