New DVD Teaching on Spirit Baptism

Our long awaited DVD teaching on Spirit Baptism is here!

Perhaps the most thorough teaching on the subject that we have yet done.

This resource  is designed with small groups in mind, but can also be watched in its entirety. Includes a leader’s outline for small groups.

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How Tongues Speaking Fits into the Big Picture

Here is an excerpt from our most recent article in the Enrichment Journal entitled, “A Thirty-Something Minister Looks at Initial Evidence.”

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Did tongues speaking suddenly show up out of nowhere? Is the Book of Acts our only basis for understanding and teaching on the subject?

A brief survey of the Acts accounts reveals that speaking in tongues is the biblically mentioned sign in the three detailed accounts (Acts 2,10,19) and is the most likely sign in the two nondetailed accounts (Acts 8, 9) as well. The only consistently repeated sign of Spirit baptism in Acts is tongues speaking; any other conclusion is synthetic. But what about the bigger picture?

I have discovered that presenting a broader biblical context than merely presenting the Acts narratives enables people to see the subject in a more personally imperative light. The more Scripture we use, the more hunger we will generate. Along these lines, the following concepts offer some teaching angles to consider.

Two common stages in biblical Spirit-empowering narratives
Looking at what people experienced in other biblical Spirit-empowering events helps us frame a broader context for Spirit baptism. What happened to people when the Holy Spirit came upon them before the Day of Pentecost?

The overwhelming response to the Spirit’s empowering in the Old Testament was spontaneous prophecy in the speaker’s native language. In fact, these occurrences frequently displayed a two-stage process:

The Holy Spirit came upon the person, and
The person gave witness with sudden prophetic speech.
Examples of this common two-stage pattern include: Numbers 11:25; 1 Samuel 10:6,10; 1 Samuel 19:20; 2 Samuel 23:1,2; 1 Chronicles 12:18; 2 Chronicles 15:1–7; 20:14–17; 24:20; Isaiah 59:21; 61:1; Ezekiel 2:1–7; Joel 2:28,29; Matthew 12:18; Luke 1:67–79; 4:14,15; Acts 1:8; 2:4; 10:44,45; 19:6.

These two common stages follow through to the New Testament fulfillment of both Moses’ desire (Numbers 11:29) and the direct oracle from God (Joel 2:28,29) that first, the Holy Spirit would one day come upon all of God’s people, and second they would give prophetic witness.

Even Jesus reiterated this theme when He prophesied that the Holy Spirit would first come upon believers; and, second, He would empower them as vocal witnesses (Acts 1:8).

NEW Holy Spirit DVD Curriculum for KIDS!

A brand new DVD curriculum about Spirit Baptism for elementary-aged kids is now available from

It is loosely based on our children’s book, “Kid Power!”, and contains six interactive 20-30 minute segments suitable for children’s ministry, small groups or family time.

Inspector Clueless leads the way to a biblical understanding of the Holy Spirit’s power with great special effects and practical teaching metaphors designed to help kids understand and receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

“The Holy Spirit: Our Super Power” is now available for $39 and includes DVD, book and leader’s guide/script.

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Rare Pentecostal/ Healing Books Available Again!

Many dismiss the ministry, experience and contributions of A. A. Allen because of his latter years–which were filled with increasingly suspicious behavior. But, whatever your opinion may be, few doubt the effectiveness of his early ministry.

Since his death, the two books that told the story of Allen’s personal quest to demonstrate God’s power have been out of print and VERY difficult to find. These two inspirational resources are now available from John Carver Ministries. The Life of A. A. Allen: As Told by A. A. and Lexie Allen contains Allen’s autobiography, “My Cross” (which details his personal quest for supernatural ministry) along with his wife’s biography, “God’s Man of Faith and Power”; these are reprinted with bonus material including rare photos and a recently discovered epilogue written by Allen just two years before his death.

This book will find a welcome place in the hands of anyone who longs for God’s power in their ministry. It will also fill a void in many historical libraries.

Foreword is by noted Pentecostal/Healing scholar Dr. David Edwin Harrell.

You can purchase the book here:

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"Helping Others" book is now available

The new compilation book, “Helping Others Receive the Gift” is now available.

This unprecedented resource features insights about ministering the Spirit Baptism in a variety of contexts and age groups.

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Heritage Magazine Article on Dr. Price

Don’t miss the new annual edition of Heritage magazine.

It was a distinct honor to be asked to write a biographical article about one of my personal “Heroes of the Faith,” the late Dr. Charles S. Price. Thanks to Darrin Rodgers, director of the Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center, for the opportunity to contribute to this excellent publication.

Dr. Price’s story is inspirational and challenging–and I hope it will stir you to believe God for greater demonstrations of His Spirit’s power in your life.

If you are not a subscriber, you can order the issue here for $8.

You can also read the article HERE.

Another New Book…

It is no secret that the late Dr. Charles S. Price has significantly influenced my life. He had one of the most renowned Pentecostal healing ministries of his day, and yet possessed a rock solid understanding of God’s Word and dependence on the Holy Spirit.

His clear teaching on the subject of faith has opened new worlds to me. He gracefully and kindly taught against the faith formula of the Word of Faith Movement (such as “positive confession”), yet his message was anything but negative; in fact, his writing is some of the most faith inspiring material you will ever read.

Several years ago, my dear friend John Carver Jr. and I released two of Dr. Price’s books in one volume, The Meaning of Faith & The Sick are Healed. Destiny Image published this collection for us and it is still available on our website or at your local Christian bookstore.

Now our ministry is re-releasing what I believe to be Dr. Price’s greatest book, The Real Faith along with a mini-biography on his life (by yours truly). I honestly believe that this is the greatest book ever penned on the subject of faith and I know it will deeply affect your life.

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Helpful Books on Divine Healing

I love to read–in fact, I’m a book-a-holic.

Here are some of the books on divine healing that I have found to be most helpful. Of course, I do not endorse everything each author says, but found each book to benefit my personal understanding about divine healing.

You can find these books on or

If you find this list helpful, check back occasionally; I will add to it as I remember other books on the subject.

1. “Divine Healing: A Comparative Study” by L. Thomas Holdcroft
2. “Power Healing” by John Wimber
3. “Healing” by Frances MacNutt
4. “The Meaning of Faith and the Sick are Healed” by Charles S. Price (available on our ministry website)
5. “Healing: Sign of the Kingdom” by Howard Ervin
6. “In Quest of Healing” by Gordon Wright
7. “The Real Faith” by Charles S. Price (this is the best book EVER penned on faith–read it and I’m sure you’ll agree!)
8. “Meet the Healer” by William Caldwell

New Book on Ministering the Spirit Baptism, "Helping Others Receive the Gift," Coming in February

Early this year God directed me to put a book together on how to minister the Spirit Baptism. I was immediately aware of my limited perspective and knew that a multiple-author, multiple-angle approach would be the most helpful and balanced.

After much prayer, I contacted several people who have solid reputations for effectively ministering the Spirit Baptism. The providence of God became apparent as each one submitted their material for the book; every author spoke to different aspects and yet had the same heart.

The result is an incredibly practical “how-to” approach that will be beneficial to two main audiences: ministers and those studying for the ministry. It is not a theological treatise–though theologically sound, but a hands-on guide for those who desire to increase their effectiveness in ministering the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

The contributors include: Randy Hurst, Dr. Gordon Anderson, Dr. Del Tarr, Dick Gruber, Jim Gerhold, Alan Griffin, Gary Grogan, Judi Bullock, Ken Cramer, Nate Ruch, Scott Erickson, Bill Juoni and myself. The book will contain chapters on general concepts, specifically ministering to children, teens, pastoral concerns, post-reception guidance, theological reflections, and inspirational stories of ordinary ministers that have learned to trust Jesus as the Baptizer in the Holy Spirit in their unique contexts.

Gospel Publishing House / Access Books will publish and distribute the book. It will be the first resource of its kind in GPH history!

Look for “Helping Others Recive the Gift;” I’ll let you all know when it is available (probably late February).